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Welcome to Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department

We the members of Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department first give thanks to God without his love and Grace we would be nothing. To the founding members and citizens of community this website is dedicated to you. God bless you all.


Another Working Fire for the Boys of Da Oaks

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 13:51 PSC sounded the tones for a house fire in the 600 block of 63rd Street in Company 8’s first. As the first arriving unit, E-838  found a 1 ½ story  SFD with heavy fire showing. Lines were put into place and the fire was extinguished fairly quickly. After the fire was knocked, the Command held 2 and 1 (E-838, E-805, and TW-833) for overhaul and mop up. Units returned to service shortly thereafter.



Chapel Oaks Family Welcomes a New Addition in time for the Winter Storm

Wednesday, February 12, 2014  The members of the Chapel Oaks family welcomes Nehemiah Brian Burnett ("BABY 38"),  born to Lt. Brian Burnett and his wife yesterday Feb 12, 2014 at 1221. Baby 38, weighted in at 7 pounds, 5 oz and 18 in long... 

Please take the time to congratulate Brian and his family!  



Recent Random Pictures

These are some random pictures of recent working incidents and other dedicated members, whom we love and appreciate. Keep up the good work!!!! 




Task Force in Company 17 Area

Thursday, April 19, 2012  At 02:40 hours PSC transmitted the tones for a house on fire in company’s 17’s (Boulevard Heights) first due. This alerted station 38 in which the Quint company responded on the run as the third due special service.  Chief 38A also responded on the run. Upon arriving, the first due engine (Company 5) advised they had fire showing from the basement level up to the first floor. Quint 38 arrived on scene and took the responsibility of the RIT, while chief 38A was assigned the basement division. Due to the stubborn fire and rapid growth to the second floor, the incident commander requested a Fire Task Force, alerting Engine Company 38 as first due Engine on the alarm. Upon arriving on scene the crew from the Engine streached stretched a line to the second floor and when to work, knocking down the extended fire. Crews operated for approximately 2 hours before clearing the incident.

Crews did a great job to get the fire under control and extinguished. Upon arriving back to quarters company 38 received a “job well done” from the assistant chief: sometimes that’s all that’s needed in the fire service.



Engine Company Does it Again on a Brandywine Brush Fire

Sunday, April 8, 2012  Lately the weather station has had Prince George’s county, as well as other surrounding areas under a red flag warning. This means that the weather conditions (due to the dry heat and winds) are suitable for wildland firefighting, and brush fires can spread very rapidly.

It didn’t take long before this directly impacted Da Oaks. Due to a house fire in company 45’s (Marlboro) area, engine company 38 was transferred there to cover Company 45’s first due, as well as, surrounding areas. While there they received a call for a brush fire in company 40’s (Brandywine) area. When the engine company arrived on scene they found about 2 acres off and assisted with neighboring stations brush trucks and other apparatus to extinguish the fire. It was a good job well done by all at the scene.
It just goes to show that no matter what the task may be, Da oaks is always ready to go to work until the job is done.



Quint Make Quick Work of Van Fire

Wednesday, April 4, 2012  Shortly before 23:00hrs, a citizen pulled up to the station and advised members of a van fully involved in the KFC parking lot near Sheriff Road and MLK Highway. At the same time, PSC dispatched Quint 838 (which was on the air, after wrapping up a forcible entry drill at station 833), on the local. Upon arriving, the crew found the van to fully involved in the parking lot with no extension to the building. Crews stretched a line and put a quick knocked fire. Quint 838 operated for a short time before returning to service.

When Crews first arrived

When Crews first arrived

Cres getting a knock on the fire

Cres getting a knock on the fire


Another Busy day for the Engine Company

Sunday, April 1, 2012  Around 14:30 hours engine company 38 recieved the first of numerous calls, that ranged from medical locals, to box assignments that lasted well into the next morning. E838 ran first due in Company 8 (Seat Pleasent), Company 5 (Capitol Heights), and Company 17 (Boulevard Heights) first dues (Da Oaks truly came first) on multiple assignments. The engine crew picked up the slack and ran non-stop to help protect the citizens of Prince Georges County as they were not able to stay in quarters longer than an hour before recieving their next run. After a busy day and night E838's crew was finally able to get some much needed rest around 03:00 hours.

The total call volume for engine company 38 was 13 calls while the quint crew stayed well rested while only running three boxes throughout the day.

This dedication and station pride goes to show how much the men and women at company 38 are willing to do to live up to their duty: to protect and serve the citizens of PG County .It also lives up to our company motto "Da Oaks Comes First."



Single Car Rollover on BW Parkway

Sunday, January 15, 2012  QT838 responded to BW Parkway @ Rt 50 for a reported car overturned and one trapped. Once on the scene the crew found the vehicle on the Jersey wall after rolling several times. The driver of the car self-extricated himself with the assistance of other motorists prior to units arriving. He was transported to PG Trauma. Units operated on the scene for 25 mins before returning to service.



Kitchen Fire in Capitol Heights

Saturday, January 14, 2012  Just before 11am PSSC dispatched E808, E838, E833, RE833, QT838, TK826 & TK829 for a reported house fire in the 6100 block of Elder Street in Capitol Heights. Once on location, E808 reported smoke showing from a 1STY SFD. units was able to make a quick knock on the kitchen fire in a short period of time. Command (Chief 838 Bolden) held E808, E838 & QT838 for clean up and returned to service in less than an hour.



Life Member Gets New Appointment

Last week Life Member Ronnie Gill was appointed to the position of "Deputy Director" with the Prince George’s County's Office of Homeland Security. Ronnie recently retired from DC Fire EMS Department where is served for many years and moved up the ranks to Deputy Fire Chief. When asked to whom he thanks for his successes, Deputy Director Gill stated “The one's that came before laid the foundation to make things possible for all of us”. He went on to say “To all that I am I owe, I live eternally in the red”.

Congratulations Deputy Director Gill, We wish you continued success in your new position!


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